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Yonsei Classes

Advanced Writing
Building Fluency in Speaking
Writing 1
Speech & Debate
Writing 2
Building Fluency in Writing

Building Fluency in Writing

Sample Outline

Peer Review Workshop--Informative Essay

Criteria for Writing a Summary Paragraph

Criteria for Writing a Response Essay

Peer Review Workshop--Summary/Strong Response Essay

Peer Review Workshop--Persuasive Essay

Plagiarism, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

Preparing a Revision Plan

Sample Revision Plan

Sample Summary Paragraph and Response Essay

Sample Detailed Outline A

Sample Detailed Outline B

Sample Midterm Exam Essay

Sample Sentence for Sentence Variety

Paragraph Illustration of Coherence

Document Packet List

Sample of Clustering/Mapping

APA Formatting Guide

Submission Guidelines

Correction Symbols

Evaluative Descriptions for Essays

Steps in the Writing Process

Outline Template for Essays

Peer Review Workshop for Grammar

Checklist for Sentence Variety

Guidelines for Midterm and Final Exams

Article on Pronouns

Sample Workshop Sheet

Sample Workshop Sheet #2

Sample Workshop #3

Sample Workshop #4


Ian Bogost, "You Are Already Living Inside a Computer"

Bertrand Russell, "In Praise of Idleness"

Charles Bukowski, "Charles Bukowski Rails Against 9-5 Jobs"

Christopher Freiman, "The Desire to Fit in is the Root of Almost All Wrongdoing"

Zaria Gorvett, "Why it Pays to be Grumpy and Bad-Tempered"

John Taylor, "The Examined Life"

John F. Schumaker, "The Demoralized Mind"

Andre Spicer, "Stupified"

Joelle Renstrom, "And Their Eyes Glazed Over"

Nicholas Carr, "The World Wide Cage"

Richard J. Light, "How to Live Wisely"

Kristi Coulter, "Giving Up Alcohol Opened My Eyes to the Infuriating Truth about Why Women Drink"

Paul Verhaeghe, "Neoliberalism Has Brought Out the Worst in Us"

Claire Lee, "Tackling Body Shaming in South Korea"

Koo Se-woong, "Gaejeossi Must Die"

Will Oremus, "Who Controls the Facebook Feed"

Sally Weale, "Keep the Dream Alive"

Noam Chomsky, "Business Elites are Waging a Brutal Class War in America"

Dr. Joseph Mercola, "Cell Phone Use Linked to Lower Grades, Anxiety, and Much Worse..."

Henry Grabar, "Smartphones are Killing Us and Destroying Public Life"

Emily Badger, "How Smart Phones are Turning Our Public Spaces into Private Ones"

Daniela Walker, "Kit Kat Creates WiFi Free Zone"

Christoph Lindner, "Smart Cities and Slowness"

"Commuters Warned of Dangers of Using Smart Phones While Walking"

Oliver Burkeman, "Together We Can Fight the Scourge of Texting While Walking"

Ian Bogost, "The McRib: Enjoy Your Symptom"

Russell Brand, "We Deserve More from Our Democratic System"

"Russell Brand on Revolution: We No Longer Have the Luxury of Tradition"

Andrew Leonard, "Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia"

Paul Levi Bryant, "Writing and Ethics: Exorcising [My] Professorial Demons"

Donna Randall, "Independent Research Cultivates Skills Employers Value"

Links for Final Examination

Concerns Rise as Admissions Officer System Expands

Extravagant Wedding Customs Are Becoming a National Embarrassment

iPhone Is a Wake-up Call for Korean Telecoms

The virtues of deglobalization and lessons for South Korea

Turn Off Your Computer