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Yonsei Classes

Advanced Writing
Building Fluency in Speaking
Writing 1
Speech & Debate
Writing 2
Building Fluency in Writing

Writing 1 Documents

The Summary Paragraph

Criteria for Writing a Summary Paragraph

Plagiarism, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

Sample Summary Paragraph A

Sample Summary Paragraph B

Sample Summary Paragraph C

Sample Summary Paragraph D

Peer Review Workshop for Summary Paragraph

Grading Rubric for Summary Paragraph

Film Analysis Essay

Suggestions and Considerations Regarding the Film Analysis Essay (Narrative and Perhaps Semiotic Vocabulary)

Film Semiotics

Semiotics--Key Terms and Associations

Semiotics: The Study of Signs

Semiotics for Beginners

Arthur Asa Berger, "Semiotics and Cultural Criticism"

One Signifier; Many Signifieds: Crime Scene Investigation from "The Wire" (Some Graphic Language and Images)

The Eminent Reader of Signs: Sherlock Holmes

"Sudden Impact"--Excessive Sugar as Signifier

Sample Film Analysis Essay (with sources)


Paul Thomas Anderson, "There Will Be Blood" (2007)

Parody 1

Parody 2

Parody 3

Parody 4


Steven Spielberg, "Jurassic Park" (1993)


"The Matrix"--Baudrillard--Key to Understanding the Film--Simulacra

"They Live"--Eyeglasses=Perceiving Reality--Directives Toward Passiveness; Aliens=Capitalism/Ruling Classes/Elites


Lee Chang-dong, "Oasis" (2002)

Lee Chang-dong, "Oasis" (2002)

"Spiderman"--Spiderman Transformation=Puberty


Michelangelo Antonioni, "Red Desert"

Jean-Luc Godard, "La Chinoise" (1967)

"Evil Dead II"--Metonymy: Evil/House; Synecdoche: Parts of House/House

"For a Few Dollars More" (1965)--Hats and Shoes as Surrogates

Calendar Pages


Monaco, "The Language of Film: Signs and Syntax"

James Monaco, How to Read a Film

Literary Terminology

Using Literary Quotations

Sample Film Analysis Essay A

Sample Film Analysis Essay B

Sample Film Analysis Essay C

Sample Film Analysis Essay D

Sample Film Analysis Essay E

Sample Film Analysis Essay F

Peer Review Workshop Sheet for Film Analysis Essay

Grading Rubric for Film Analysis Essay

Advertisement Analysis Essay

The Semiotics of Advertising--Key Terms and Associations

Arthur Asa Berger, "How to Analyze an Advertisement"

Arthur Asa Berger, "Ads, Fads and Consumer Culture" Chapters 1 & 2

"Semiotics for Beginners"

Arthur Asa Berger, "Cultural Criticism: Semiotics and Cultural Criticism"

Daniel Chandler, "Semiotics for Beginners"

C103 - The Semiotics of Advertising

Sample Essay Assignment

Sample Advertising Analysis Essay A

Sample Advertising Analysis Essay B

Sample Advertising Analysis Essay C

Sample Student Essay 1: "Southern Comfort Style"

Sample Student Essay 2: Esprit

Sample Student Essay 3: Nieman Marcus

Sample Student Essay 4: Virginia Slims

Peer Review Workshop for Advertisement Analysis Essay

Grading Rubric for Advertising Analysis Essay

Miscellaneous Materials

Basic Outlining

How to Make an Outline

How to Write an Essay Outline

Outline Presentation

Using Word to Create an Outline

Sample Outline

Sample Detailed Outline A

Sample Detailed Outline B

Sample Sentence for Sentence Variety

Paragraph Illustration of Coherence

Yoon Huijun's Helpful List of Standard Transitions

Mystery Phrase #1

Mystery Phrase #2

Conjunction Junction

Schoolhouse Rock: Adverbs

Schoolhouse Rock: Adjectives

Schoolhouse Rock: Nouns

Schoolhouse Rock: Pronouns

Schoolhouse Rock: Verbs

Schoolhouse Rock: Prepositions

Schoolhouse Rock: Interjections

Essay Examinations

Sample Exam Questions

Sample Midterm Exam Essay

Sample Essay Exam

Document Packet List

Sample of Clustering/Mapping

MLA Formatting Guide

Submission Guidelines

Correction Symbols

Steps in the Writing Process

Evaluation Descriptions for Essays

Outline Template for Essays

Peer Review Workshop for Grammar

Checklist for Sentence Variety

Guidelines for Midterm and Final Exams

Article on Pronouns

Sample Workshop Sheet

Sample Workshop Sheet #2

Sample Workshop #3

Sample Workshop #4

Tips on Demonstrative Pronouns

Writing Concisely

Old Before New/Forecast and Fulfill

***PLEASE NOTE!!!***


All submissions are due on the date assigned.  However, students may take a 48-hour grace period to complete a submission after the date assigned as needed.  In that case, the paper must be submitted to my mailbox in the English Department Office on the third floor of the 외솔관 building no later than 48 hours after the announced due date.  Any submissions made after that 48-hour grace period will be docked one number grade (e.g. 4.5 would be reduced to 3.5).  Papers submitted one week or more after the assigned due date will not be accepted.  Exceptions can be made in the case of documented proof of illnesses, injuries, emergencies or field trip activities.  Those are the only instances of accepted cases and they must be supported with proof.  Submissions that are not workshopped by another member of our class will not be accepted.  Submissions that were not workshopped during our regular class hours will be docked by one number grade as well.


Ian Bogost, "You Are Already Living Inside a Computer"

Bertrand Russell, "In Praise of Idleness"

Charles Bukowski, "Charles Bukowski Rails Against 9-5 Jobs"

Christopher Freiman, "The Desire to Fit in is the Root of Almost All Wrongdoing"

Zaria Gorvett, "Why it Pays to be Grumpy and Bad-Tempered"

John Taylor, "The Examined Life"

John F. Schumaker, "The Demoralized Mind"

Andre Spicer, "Stupified"

Joelle Renstrom, "And Their Eyes Glazed Over"

Nicholas Carr, "The World Wide Cage"

Richard J. Light, "How to Live Wisely"

Kristi Coulter, "Giving Up Alcohol Opened My Eyes to the Infuriating Truth about Why Women Drink"

Paul Verhaeghe, "Neoliberalism Has Brought Out the Worst in Us"

Claire Lee, "Tacking Body Shaming in South Korea"

Koo Se-Woong, "Gaejeossi Must Die"

Will Oremus, "Who Controls the Facebook Feed"

Sally Weale, "Keep the Dream Alive"

William Deresiewicz, "The Neoliberal Arts"

Michael S. Roth, "College Shouldn't Prepare You For Your First Job. It Should Prepare You For Your Life"

Paul Campos,, "The Epidemiology of Overweight and Obesity: Public Health Crisis or Moral Panic"

David Graeber on the Necktie

Dan Gillmor, "Why I'm Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google, and Microsoft"

Maria Popova, "The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge"

Betsy Isaacson, "Our Sleep Problem and What to do About It"

Lani Gunier, "Ivy Leagues meritocracy lie: How Harvard and Yale cook the books for the 1 percent"

Paul Roberts, "Instant Gratification"

Annette Larkins Video: Raw Vegan

Joshua Rothman, "Creativity Creep"

Maria Popova, "Werner Herzog on Creativity, Self-Reliance, Making a Living of What You Love, and How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality" (Examples of Employing Quotations)

Rebecca Schuman, "Syllabus Tyrannus"

William Deresiewicz, "Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League"

Koo Se-Woong, "An Assault Upon Our Children"

Kim Brooks, "Death to High School English"

Christine Gross-Loh, "Finnish Education Chief: 'We Created a School System Based on Equality'"

"This is What Heavy Multitasking Could Be Doing To Your Brain"

Jeanne Whalen, "Read Slowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress"

Scott Kaufman, "Skim this article! How the Internet has ruined your brain for serious reading"

Steven Schuit, "Korea's Problem with Safety"

"Many Highly Educated Women Stay at Home"

"Wives Grow More Weary of Married Life than Men"

"Few Korean Wives Would Marry their Husband Again"

Michael Kocher, "Seven Reasons Why Korea Has the Worst Productivity in the OECD"

Noam Chomsky, "On Academic Labor"

Thomas Docherty, "The Unseen Academy"

Noam Chomsky, "Business Elites are Waging a Brutal Class War in America"

Video: "Generation Like"

Geoffrey Cain, "South Korean Teens Are So Addicted To Their Smartphones That The Government Is Taking Action"

Catharine Paddock, "Cell Phone Use Linked to Lower Grades, Anxiety"

Melissa Korn, "Smartphones Make You Tired and Unproductive, Study Says"

Dr. Joseph Mercola, "Cell Phone Use Linked to Lower Grades, Anxiety, and Much Worse..."

Henry Grabar, "Smartphones are Killing Us--and Destroying Public Life"

Emily Badger, "How Smart Phones are Turning Our Public Spaces into Private Ones"

Daniela Walker, "Kit Kat Creates WiFi-Free Zone"

Christoph Lindner, "Smart Cities and Slowness"

"Commuters Warned of Dangers of Using Smartphones While Walking"

Oliver Burkeman, "Together We Can Fight the Scourge of Texting While Walking"

Kenneth J. Gergen, "Cell Phone Technology and the Challenge of Absent Presence"

Ian Bogost, "The McRib: Enjoy Your Symptom"

Russell Brand, "We Deserve More From Our Democratic System"

Andrew Leonard, "Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia"

Paul Levi Bryant, "Writing and Ethics: Exorcising [My] Professorial Demons"

Tom Chivers, "Are Grammar Nazis Ruining the English Language"

John McWhorter, "English is Not Normal"

Approaching the Response Essay

Short Stories for Literary Analysis Essay

Ursula Le Guin, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"

Richard Matheson, "A Long Distance Call"

J. D. Salinger, "The Young Folks"

Articles for the Summary Paragraph

Yuni Jeongyun Ko, "Riding with the Korean Wave: Reflections on Trans-Asian Cultural Flows"

Julia Yoo, "Beauty: The Korean Way"

Bruce Cumings, "North Korea's Dynastic Succession"

Barbara Ehrenreich, "Maid to Order"