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Yonsei Classes

Advanced Writing
Building Fluency in Speaking
Writing 1
Speech & Debate
Writing 2
Building Fluency in Writing

UIC Freshman Intensive Writing Seminar

Prezi Lectures on Writing

Resources on Semiotics

Film Semiotics

Semiotics--Key Terms and Associations

Semiotics: The Study of Signs

Semiotics for Beginners

Signs, Codes, and Conventions

Arthur Asa Berger, "Semiotics and Cultural Criticism"

One Signifier; Many Signifieds: Crime Scene Investigation from "The Wire" (Some Graphic Language and Images)

The Eminent Reader of Signs: Sherlock Holmes

"Sudden Impact"--Excessive Sugar as Signifier

Sample Film Analysis Essay (with sources)

Film Analysis Essay #1
(Do Not Use Sources)

Narrative Vocabulary

Suggestions and Considerations Regarding the Film Analysis Essay (Narrative Vocabulary)

Issues with Film Analysis Essay #1

Film Analysis UNC

How to Analyze a Film

Literary Terminology

How to Analyze a Short Story

Using Literary Quotations

Sample Film Analysis Essay A

Sample Film Analysis Essay B

Sample Film Analysis Essay C

Sample Film Analysis Essay D

Sample Film Analysis Essay E

Sample Film Analysis Essay F

Sample Detailed Outline A

Sample Detailed Outline B

Sample Detailed Outline C

Peer Review Workshop for Film Analysis Essay #1

Grading Rubric for Film Analysis Essay

Film Analysis Essay #2
(Do Not Use Sources)

Addendum: Considerations for the Second Film Analysis Essay (Semiotic, Cinematic, Narrative Vocabulary)

Sample Film Analysis Essay #2--"Call Me By Your Name"--A

Sample Film Analysis Essay #2--"Call Me By Your Name"--B

Peer Review Workshop for Film Analysis Essay #2

Summary Paragraph

Criteria for Writing a Summary Paragraph

Plagiarism, Paraphrasing, Summarizing

Joung Hyewoon's Very Helpful Compiled List of Signal Verbs

Sample Summary Paragraph A

Sample Summary Paragraph B

Sample Summary Paragraph C

Peer Review Workshop for Summary Paragraph

Grading Rubric for Summary Paragraph

Analytical Research Essay on Film

Expanding the Film Analysis Essay into a Film Analysis Research Essay

Sample Research Essay on Film

Sample Research Essay on Film

Peer Review Workshop for Research Film Analysis Essay


Jane Rosenzweig, "The Whistle-Blower Knows How to Write"

Andre Bazin's "What Is Cinema"

Bazin on the Long Take Versus Montage

Eisenstein's Five Methods of Montage

Basic Outlining

How to Make an Outline

How to Write an Essay Outline

Outline Presentation

Using Word to Create an Outline

Sample Outline

Sample Detailed Outline A

Sample Detailed Outline B

Sample Detailed Outline C

Paragraph Organisation Exercise

Sample Sentence for Sentence Variety

"Minority Report"--Refrigerator Sequence


Paragraph Illustration of Coherence

Yoon Huijun's Helpful List of Standard Transitions

Mystery Phrase #1

Mystery Phrase #2

Conjunction Junction

Schoolhouse Rock: Adverbs

Schoolhouse Rock: Adjectives

Schoolhouse Rock: Nouns

Schoolhouse Rock: Pronouns

Schoolhouse Rock: Verbs

Schoolhouse Rock: Prepositions

Schoolhouse Rock: Interjections

Film Clips

The Origins of Auteur Theory

Plot Segmentation

John Ford, "Stagecoach" (1939)

Shot Analysis

D. W. Griffith, "Birth of a Nation" (1915)

Paradigmatic Connotation

Orson Welles, "Citizen Kane" (1941)

Alfred Hitchcock, "Notorious" (1946)--Long, Descending Zoom to the Key

Alfred Hitchcock, "Rebecca" ('40)--Staircase Descent

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956)--Dr. Miles Bennel's fiancee Becky transforms into the emotionless imposter

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978)--Closing Scream of Identification

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978)--Dog-Man Pod

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ('78)--Transformation Scene

"Body Snatchers" (1993)--Meg Tilly

"Body Snatchers" (1993)--Discovery Scene--Similar to Dog-Man Scene

John Campbell, "Who Goes There?" (1938)--Shapeshifting Alien

Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials--The Thing--Shapeshifting Alien

Howard Hawks, "The Thing from Another World" (1951)--Vegetative Alien (Man in a Suit Played by James Arness

James Arness, "Gunsmoke"--Television Series--1955-1975

John Carpenter, "The Thing" (1982)--Blood Test Sequence--Shapeshifting Alien

"The Thing" (Prequel) (2011)--Shapeshifting Alien

Werewolf Transformation: "The Wolf Man" (1941)--Lap Dissolve--Time Elapse Photography on Legs

Werewolf Transformation: "The Wolfman" (2010) CGI

Werewolf Transformation: "The Howling" (1981)--Air Bladders Under Latex Facial Applications

Werewolf Transformation Details & Blooper

"An American Werewolf in London"

"Black Sabbath" (1963)--Film as Smoke and Mirrors

Rob Bottin Tribute

Syntagmatic Connotation

John Carpenter, "The Thing" (1982)--Why does the biologist, Dr. Blair, take the gun from his desk?

Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali, "Un Chien Andalou" (1929)


Paul Thomas Anderson, "There Will Be Blood" (2007)

Parody 1

Parody 2

Parody 3

Parody 4


Steven Spielberg, "Jurassic Park" (1993)


"The Matrix"--Baudrillard--Key to Understanding the Film--Simulacra

"They Live"--Eyeglasses=Perceiving Reality--Directives Toward Passiveness; Aliens=Capitalism/Ruling Classes/Elites

"They Live" Fight Scene--Command of Sunglasses=Compulsory Education/Ideological Awareness

Roddy Piper

"The Shining"=Genocide of Native Americans


Lee Chang-dong, "Oasis" (2002)

Lee Chang-dong, "Oasis" (2002)

David Cronenberg, "Naked Lunch"--Typewriter/Cockroach



"Alien" Trailer--Egg/Planet Association

"Spiderman"--Spiderman Transformation=Puberty

"Aliens"--Combat Scene=Vietnam War

"Aliens"--Ripley vs. Alien Queen=Feminist Power

"Batman: Dark Knight"--Batman=George Bush; Joker=Terrorist


Michelangelo Antonioni, "Red Desert"

Jean-Luc Godard, "La Chinoise" (1967)

"Evil Dead II"--Metonymy: Evil/House; Synecdoche: Parts of House/House

"For a Few Dollars More" (1965)--Hats and Shoes as Surrogates

"The Exorcist"--The Exorcism of Feminism and Sexuality from the Pre-Pubescent Female Body

"The Exorcist" Part 2

"Village of the Damned" (1960)--An Allegory and Premonition of the Sixties Youth Movement and Challenge Against Parental Authority--Vision as Weapon

"Village of the Damned"--Part 2--"Leave Us Alone!"

"The Thing With Two Heads" (Allegory of the Anxiety of Racial Desegregation [Proximity] as well as Bodily Colonization and Enslavement--Wealthy Racist and Terminally Ill Patient, Ray Milland's Head Attached to Body of Convicted Black Murderer Rosy Grier)

"The Edge" (1997)--Bear Chase Scene (Nature vs. An Encroaching Humanity) (Bart the Bear Deserved an Academy Award)

Calendar Pages


Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali, "Un Chien Andalou" (1929)

The Classic Mexican Standoff

Mexican Standoff--Sergio Leone, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" (1966)

Mexican Standoff--Quentin Tarantino, "Pulp Fiction" (1994)

Mexican Standoff--Quentin Tarantino "Reservoir Dogs" (1992)

Love & Hate--"Night of the Hunter" (1955)

Love & Hate--"Do the Right Thing" (1989)

David Cronenberg, "Scanners" (1981)--Literalization of "Mind-Blowing"


Alfred Hitchcock, "Psycho" (1960)

Gus Van Sant, "Psycho" (1998)

Bugs Bunny

"Delicatessen" (1991)--Cultural Code of the Squeaky Bed


How to Speak Movie Part 2: Mise en Scène

Mise-en-scène - Composing the Frame

Closed Form

"Night at the Opera" (1935)


"Royal Wedding" (1951)

"2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968)

Tracking Shot

Jean-Luc Godard, "Weekend" (1967)

Michael Snow, "Wavelength" (1967)

Michael Snow, "Back and Forth" (1969)

Michael Snow, "La Region Centrale" (1971)

POV and Establishing Shot

Alfred Hitchcock, "Rear Window" (1954)

Robert Altman, "The Player" (1992)

Orson Welles, "Touch of Evil" (1958)

Musique Concrete

Pierre Schaeffer, "Etude aux chemins de fer" (1948)

Pierre Henry, "Variations pour une Porte et un Soupir: Fièvre 2" (1967)

Pierre Henry, "Variations pour une Porte et un Soupir" (1963)

Door Trumpet

DJ Spooky (Paul Miller), "Anansi Abstrakt" (1996) (Use of "Samples" or "Quoting"--Extending Musique Concrete)

DJ Spooky--Sample #1: Pierre Henry, "Marche du Jeune Homme" (1965)

DJ Spooky--Sample #2: Claude Debussy, "Syrinx" (1913)

DJ Spooky--Other Samples

DJ Shadow--Digging (The DJ as archivist and librarian of sound)--from "Scratch" (2002)


Jump Cut, Match Cut, and Cutaway

Sergei Eisenstein, "The Battleship Potemkin" (1925)--The Odessa Steps Sequence

A History of Cutting--The Soviet Theory of Montage

Dissolve, Wipe, Straight Cut

Fades and Dissolves

Art & Technology

Camera Obscura

Camera Lucida

Edison Phonograph (Cylinder)

Edison Victrola

Edison Kinetoscope

Early Edison Kinetoscope

Kinetoscope Documentary

The Dolly Zoom

Dolly Zoom--"The Quick and the Dead"

Focal Length: Wide-Angle, Normal, Telephoto Lenses


Steadicam 2

Steadicam Examples






Steadicam--Garrett Brown

Louma Crane


Art of the Technocrane


Winged Migration

Raptor Force

***PLEASE NOTE!!!***


All submissions are due on the date assigned.  However, students may take a 24-hour grace period to complete a submission after the date assigned as needed.  In that case, the paper must be submitted to my mailbox in the 교수휴게실of the 외솔관 building no later than 24 hours after the announced due date.  Any submissions made after that 24-hour grace period will be docked one number grade (e.g. 4.5 would be reduced to 3.5).  Papers submitted one week or more after the assigned due date will not be accepted.  Exceptions can be made in the case of documented proof of illnesses, injuries, emergencies or field trip activities.  Those are the only instances of accepted cases and they must be supported with proof.  Submissions that are not workshopped by another member of our class will not be accepted.  Submissions that were not workshopped during our regular class hours will be docked by one number grade as well.


Joseph Jonghyun Jeon, "Memories of Memories: Historicity, Nostalgia, and Archive in Bong Joon-ho's Memories of Murder"

Joseph Jonghyun Jeon, "Residual Selves: Trauma and Forgetting in Park Chan-wook's Old Boy"

Alexander Chee, "Park Chan-wook, the Man Who Put Korean Cinema on the Map"

Marc Raymond, "'It's Better Not to Lie, But it's Hard to Stimulate the Audience Otherwise': Realism and Melodrama in Lee Chang-Dong's Secret Sunshine"

Hsuan L. Hsu, "The Dangers of Biosecurity: The Host and the Geopolitics of Outbreak"

Steve Choe, "Catastrophe and Finitude in Lee Chang Dong's Peppermint Candy: Temporality, Narrative, and Korean History"

Lovorko Maric, "'The Straight Story': Lynch Going Straight for His Most Experimental Film"

Saul Landau, "Hearts and Minds: An American Film Trial"

Chauncey Devaga, "America is a Neoliberal Horror Movie"

"They Live!: How John Carpenters Classic is Becoming More and More of a Reality"

Gerry Canavan, "If the Engine Ever Stops, We'd All Die: Snowpiercer and Necrofuturism"

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Document Packet List

Sample of Clustering/Mapping

MLA Style Guide

Submission Guidelines

Correction Symbols

Evaluation Descriptions for Essays

Steps in the Writing Process

Checklist for Sentence Variety

Article on Pronouns

Old Before New/Forecast and Fulfill

Old Before New

Writing Concisely

Vague Language--"The Thing"

Tips on Demonstrative Pronouns

Sample Workshop Sheet #1

Sample Workshop Sheet #2

Sample Workshop Sheet #3

Sample Workshop Sheet #4

Sample Workshop Sheet #5

Sample Workshop Sheet #6