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Yonsei Classes

Advanced Writing
Building Fluency in Speaking
Writing 1
Speech & Debate
Writing 2
Building Fluency in Writing

Building Fluency in Speaking

Group Project on Reality Koreana

Protocols for the Panel Discussion

Questions on "Barter Kings"

Questions on "Swamp People"

Questions on "Hillbilly Handfishin'"

Questions on "Ice Road Truckers"

Lorrie Moore, "In the Life of The Wire"

Definitions and Questions on "They Live"

Questions and Definitions on "They Live" Part II

Questions on Articles Regarding Use of Digital Technology

Andre Spicer, "Stupified"

Richard J. Lively, "How to Live Wisely"

Kristi Coulter, "Giving Up Alcohol Opened My Eyes to the Infuriating Truth about Why Women Drink"

"An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness"

"Attached to Technology and Paying a Price"

"Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime"

Skit on Cultural Encounters

Role Playing Exercise

Questions on "The Twilight Zone"

Discussion Questions on the film, "Temple Grandin"

Topic Discussion Protocols (For the One Hour Class Periods: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

Group Discussion Topics

Group Discussion Protocols

Interview Questions

Interview Tips

Open Ended Questions

Leading Questions

The Corporation (Complete Transcript Part 1)

The Corporation (Complete Transcript Part 2)

The Corporation (Extras)

Transcript for the Documentary "Synthetic Pleasures"