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Advanced Writing
Building Fluency in Speaking
Writing 1
Speech & Debate
Writing 2
Building Fluency in Writing
Yonsei Classes

Welcome to Ashline's Webpage for Yonsei classes.  Here you can download syllabi and other important documents for your classes.  Use this site throughout the semester to review the syllabi and obtain other important documents.

"To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement. To condense the diffused light of a page of thought into the luminous flash of a single sentence, is worthy to rank as a prize composition just by itself...Anybody can have ideas--the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph."--Mark Twain

"Word-carpentry is like any other kind of carpentry: you must join your sentences smoothly."--Anatole France

"Put the argument into a concrete shape, into an image, some hard phrase, round and solid as a ball, which they can see and handle and carry home with them, and the cause is half won."--Ralph Waldo Emerson

"One of the most difficult things is the first paragraph. I have spent many months on a first paragraph, and once I get it, the rest just comes out very easily."--Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Everywhere I go, I'm asked if the universities stifle writers. My opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them."--Flannery O'Connor

"The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself."--Albert Camus


The courses I teach are:

Writing 1
Writing 2
Public Speaking
Building Fluency in Speaking
Building Fluency in Writing
Advanced Writing

All submissions are due on the date assigned.  However, students may take a 48-hour grace period to complete a submission after the date assigned as needed.  In that case, the paper must be submitted to my mailbox in the English Department Office on the third floor of the 외솔관 building no later than 48 hours after the announced due date.  Any submissions made after that 48-hour grace period will be docked one number grade (e.g. 4.5 would be reduced to 3.5).  Papers submitted one week or more after the assigned due date will not be accepted.  Exceptions can be made in the case of documented proof of illnesses, injuries, emergencies or field trip activities.  Those are the only instances of accepted cases and they must be supported with proof.  Submissions that are not workshopped by another member of our class will not be accepted.  Submissions that were not workshopped during our regular class hours will be docked by one number grade as well.

Contact me at:
Shinchon: 308 Wesolgwan
Songdo: Veritas B 207
Tel. 010-3036-2303

Office Hours--Fall Semester 2019:
Shinchon: Monday 5-6 pm,
Songdo: Tuesday 6-7 pm, Thursday 6-7, pm
and also by appointment